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Learn how to achieve perfect skin in this Neals Yard Skin Care seminar with Neals Yard expert Caroline Worsley and Face Yoga with Anne-Marie Burford coming up soon dtbc

Please join us for a wonderful opportunity to try out the Neals Yard high quality products - which are all made with the maximum organic, natural and wild ingredients.
The skin is the body's largest organ, and an active barrier between our bodies and the environment. It's well known that what you put on your skin ends up in your body - just think of nicotine patches. That's why it's really important to know exactly what's in the products you use on your skin.

Caroline will demonstrate how to create an ideal skin care regieme suited to your needs, everyone will have opportuity to try these lovely products while Anne-Marie will show you some Face yoga exercises to help the products absorb with maximun efficiency which will help and tone and lift the face naturally without the need to resort to invasie methods or surgery
Please note places are limited to a maximum of 8 so please book your place early to avoid disappointment
£25 cost - redeemable against purchases over £30

Monthly social with Yoga Nidra, Shamanic drumming Saturday July 22nd 6.30-8pm

Please join us for our monthly social with Yoga Nidra led by Anne-Marie and Shamanic drumming led by James. Yoga Nidra is a deep guide meditation that can bring healing on all levels also know as "yogic sleep". 

Suggested donation £10 please, herbal teas included. 

Spiritual-Energetic protection and an Introduction to Shamanism Saturday September 9 11am-1pm

Spiritual Warrior part 2: Spiritual & Energetic protection, ritual and an Introduction to Shamanism

Namaste Friends,
This workshop is part 2 of a 3 part workshop taught by James to give you the tools to become more effective and powerful with your spiritual and energetic practise in day to day life and to help you to cope and flourish in the 'normal world'. 

In this workshop we will look at the world of energy, the dimensions and specifically the astral/4th dimension. Participants will learn how to clear their aura, protect themselves, open sacred space by calling in the 7 directions using both Shamanic and Kabalisitic method. We will use and learn various protective sacred geometry including the very powerful pentagram ritual (5 pointed star) and calling in the archangels and angels based on the Kabbalistic system and Tree of Life.  

Cost: £20

THE GONG SOUND BATH followed by Shamanic Drumming: Next Date to be announced shortly. Mid-September most likely. 

Using Sound is a great way to easily bring about deep relaxation similar to that achieved during Meditation. Sound can be a powerful & energising holistic therapy. The sound and sound vibrations bring used in Gong meditation brings harmony to the physical body, balances the subtle energy fields, whilst calming the mind and inducing deep relaxation. 

At relaxation sessions the Gong is played gently, along with other therapeutic instruments such as Himalayan & Crystal Singing Bowls to bathe you in calming, healing sounds. 


Everyone is welcome, sessions are open, informal and light hearted. No special skills or previous experience required. Just bring a smile and let the sound work its magic! 

Booking is essential. Numbers are limited so we need to track attendance. Please book to ensure your place.

Prompt start at 6.30pm (Please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier).  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event, late arrivals are unable to join partway through. 

Please bring a yoga mat / blanket / pillow for your comfort. We do have some spares at sessions if you need to borrow them. Wear warm comfortable clothing and you may like to bring a bottle of water to sip. Shamanic Drumming will follow the Gong healing for those who would like to stay on. 

To book please follow the and book on line on the Soulshine website. 





Call for further details about any of our holistic therapies or to make an appointment.

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